Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Meanderings January 22, 2018

I've finally recovered from my fun weekend with my sewing buddies.  We spent a lot of time hanging out in the studio and sewing.  This week, I spent a lot of time down there but I don't have a lot to show for it.  So instead I'm sharing bits and pieces of progress.  I've signed up to take Jamestown Landing with Bonnie Hunter in February.   I'm not sure why I signed up except she's a great gal to be around, I like her quilts and it will be good to get to know some of the gals in my new guild better.  (If you live near Fredericksburg and you want to attend check out Virginia Star Quilters.) 

But, do I really need another big quilt?  Well of course I do. We bought white bedroom furniture when we moved this last time. (Honestly, 40+ years with our original furniture -- we'd gotten enough value out of it!) I have several queenside quilts but nothing looks perfect with it.  So, Jamestown Landing got another reason to participate.  

Jamestown Landing is in String Fling by Bonnie Hunter.  I've looked at it many times but wasn't moved to make any big quilts.  But with this event I thought, why not. I already have the book.  I could make a dent in my fabrics (or so I think!)

But here is one of the BIG drawbacks

Yep, 840 half triangle squares.  Unless I decide to make it bigger....  Last time I took a class with Bonnie Hunter one of the gals had already started the quilt.  Hum, we wouldn't be getting a top done in a day with 840 of anything. So I decided to borrow from that gal's bag of tricks.  I've been making triangles for a month or so.  I even opted to buy the multiple Accuquilt die for the triangles.  I can cut 72 triangles at one time.   Here's where I am at with that. 

Yes!  I've already got 220 finished.  Here's how I keep track:  When I've made 10 units I then do a big basting stitch to keep them together.  Right now I'm storing these in a plastic box that scones came in.  At some point I'll probably have to find another box. I'm betting it will take several of them to keep the final amount together. 

I'm also making some string blocks.  I think this is a cherry tomato box.  It fits the strings perfectly.  I'm trying to keep my strings mostly whites with a few creamy colors thrown in.  I do like a crisp white and turquoise quilt.  I need to count and stitch these in groups of 10 too.  
I feel comfortable doing both of these blocks since I've taken a Bonnie class that used these two blocks.  I am looking forward to seeing her new rulers. 

My sewing time has been spent trying to get the quilts on my goals done (or at least more progress made.)  Check out how well I did on last week's goal.  The one thing I really didn't make enough progress on is the sweater.  It's almost done.  I bet if I just gave 3 hours of uninterrupted time to it I'd be wearing it.

I still need to sew the sleeve seams, knit the top band and bury all the loose yarn joins. I guess I'll make the commitment to actually spend the time this week.  I love the color of it and I like cardigans.  It's time to finish this one up! Do you knit sweaters? 

Here's my goal list from last week.  I really did move a lot of different projects ahead. 
January 15, 2018
Bind balloon quilt√
Sew together Alphabet Challenge quilt√ need borders
Put borders on 2017 Rainbow Challenge top #1√
Keep working on sweater (a UFO since the 1980s!)√

Keep working on half triangle squares√

And here's what's up for this week. 
January 22, 2018
Get borders on Alphabet Challenge
Make backing for Alphabet Challenge quilt
Finish up sweater
Make more half triangle squares and string blocks
Take small border off charity quilt
Cut out Taps quilt

That's it for me now.  Please take a look at the linky parties for Monday that I link up with: Oh Scrap, Monday Makings, Moving It Forward Monday, and Main Crush Monday. I'm off to do some surfing. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Monday, er, Wednesday Meanderings

My  last top of the 2017 was also my first finish for 2018.  I quilted and bound it over the last week or so.   I quilted it with Omni thread on the top and Magna Glide in the bobbin.  Both were a light blue although you can't really see it well in the picture.  I have a lot of Magna Glide bobbins so I'm happy to use some up.  Someone on the Nolting Longarm group I belong to suggested using Magna Glide with the Omni.  It worked well enough but I'm not sure I would do it a lot.  Plus, I have limited colors in Omni from Superior.  The pattern is Ariana by Donna Kleinke.

I also finished quilting another charity quilt for Faithful Circle Quilters in Columbia, Md.   Ruthie 2 produces such a nice stitch and is so easy to use I'm getting as much time in quilting as I can. I used Bebop digital design, Sew Fine #471, a light turquoise.  The guild provides me with batting so I'm not sure what was used on this. 

Last week  and this weeks goals...
January 8, 2018
Finish sweater (a UFO since the 1980s!) Making progress
Quilt FCQ charity Quilt
Cut out Alphabet Challenge pieces; start sewing
Finish piecing 2017 Rainbow Challenge top #1√ center done
Clean studio & house for In House Retreat 1/11 – 1/15 and have fun with my friends!

January 15, 2018
Bind balloon quilt
Sew together Alphabet Challenge quilt
Put borders on 2017 Rainbow Challenge top #1
Keep working on sweater (a UFO since the 1980s!)
Keep working on half triangle squares

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip.  We signed up for a snorkeling excursion in Roatan.  Here are the two catamarans that we traveled to the snorkeling location on. 
Here we are on the catamaran -- I think the boats are at the location when I snapped this picture of Pat. 
And, the crew was passing out equipment here. 
And these were my downfall.  
We've snorkeled before so we went out with the experienced group.  They were going to explore reefs a distance from the boat.  I'm in the water.  Pat's in the water.  I can't keep up with anyone.  Pat slows down to help me and then I realize -- I forgot my flippers.  No wonder I couldn't keep up.  Needless to say I failed snorkeling 102.  (My college classes always started the easiest classes as 101, next level was always 102...)  I had to give up and be towed back to the ship by a kayaker.  The only thing that saved my pride was I wasn't the first one to give up.  IF there is a next time I'm going with the novices.  The other big issue is that I can't see much without my glasses so I wasn't going to see all that much any way. It was a nice day on the water and I probably should have just enjoyed a short swim or float in the water rather than trying to actually snorkel.  

That's it for me today.  I still have some pics from the trip.  The snorkeling trip was actually a month ago today.  Sigh. I'm sitting in the living room looking at snow on the roofs.  Luckily, it'll all melt by tomorrow. 

I'm linking up with Midweek Makers, WIPS on Wednesdays, and Wednesday Wait Loss.  I may get motivated on Thursday to add some more linky parties -- come back to see where else I might be surfing (the Net...) Now it is really time to go sew today.  I've got several blocks to make and a border to put on a quilt.

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie